Eleanor Lynch

RCCBC Director

Ms. Lynch is a retail professional with over 10 years’ experience in senior leadership roles for various national retail brands. From 2010-2018 Ms. Lynch held various roles at Lids Sports Group, the last being National Director of Operations in Canada. She was responsible for overseeing store sales and operations that included a multi-banner portfolio of 145 stores across all provinces.

In 2018, Eleanor joined the Aura Cannabis team, now operating as Kiaro Brands Inc. She has led the Kiaro team to accomplish a multi-provincial footprint with active business operations in regulated cannabis wholesale, ecommerce, and retail in BC, Saskatchewan and soon Ontario. In addition, Eleanor has close ties to the Retail Council of Canada, and is currently a Co-Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce Cannabis Working Group alongside Pure Sun Farms


Kiaro means light. Because cannabis can be, well, illuminating, And because this plant we love is finally having its moment to shine. Stop by. The only thing we appreciate more than cannabis is a good question about it.

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