Tabitha Rudkin

Advisory Board Member

Tabitha was born in London, Ontario and was raised in small towns across southwestern Ontario from Leamington to the Bruce Peninsula. In 2010 Tabitha accepted a career promotion and moved to Burnaby, BC where she currently resides with her family and many pets.

Tabitha graduated from Seneca College at York University with a technology diploma in pharmaceutical chemistry. After working for 5 years in a pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, Tabitha harmonized her people skills with her scientific knowledge and moved into project and account management within the environmental chemistry industry. For the next 11 years Tabitha accepted increasingly challenging and interesting roles including process improvement, innovation, and management.

In June 2019 Tabitha joined the Anandia Laboratory Research and Development department at Aurora Cannabis as their project manager. Tabitha manages, designs, and validates analytical testing methodologies for cannabis, extracts, and cannabis containing products.

With her passion for science, and keen interest in cannabinoid and terpene biochemistry, Tabitha has found her home within the Cannabis Industry. Always looking for more opportunities to grow and learn, Tabitha is currently training as a member of a cannabis sensory panel.

Tabitha Rudkin headshot