Jeremy Jacob

RCCBC Past President
Village Bloomery

Before cannabis, Jeremy Jacob spent 15 years working as a professional mechanical engineer in renewable energy. Jeremy has a history in political advocacy including being an elected delegate for East Vancouver in two federal leadership conventions, standing for Canadian values, human rights, and advocating for the increased adoption of renewable energy. Jeremy is also the proud father of 4 beautiful daughters.

In 2015 with his life partner Andrea, Jeremy co-founded Village Bloomery in Vancouver, perhaps the most decorated dispensary in Canada. In March of 2016 Jeremy was elected to CAMCD’s board, and in August of 2016 he was elected president of the organization. As president, Jeremy represented CAMCD at the Federal Task Force on Legalization, in various Health Canada Round tables, as a panelist at international cannabis conferences, and at the Senate of Canada in May of 2018.

Jeremy has engaged at all levels of government, and has cultivated key relationships from Ottawa to Victoria. Recently, he has forged new relationships with the BC Chamber and various Boards of Trade, including the drafting and approval of a pro-craft cannabis/private retail resolution at the May 2018 BC Chamber AGM.

Village Bloomery

Our light filled dispensary offers the highest quality medical cannabis products available, books and information resources relating to medical cannabis as well as lifestyle products encouraging a balanced approach to vitality. We are family run and passionate about integrating cannabis into the mainstream as both a preventative health measure and a remedy for chronic conditions.

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