Janet McRoberts

Advisory Board Member

Janet is a former teacher who grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Janet currently lives in West Vancouver and runs her own accounting firm based in Vancouver. She received her CMA, CPA designation in 2002, and her company specializes in working with health care professionals.

Janet is a shareholder of Prairie Cannabis, a retail store with locations in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She and her husband partnered with her brother, Jim Southam, and entered the lottery held by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority in early 2018. The group were fortunate to be selected for a store in Prince Albert, and Prairie Cannabis opened its doors in December 2018. Prairie Cannabis is opening more stores in Saskatoon, and the group have invested in several other retail cannabis locations and brands in Saskatchewan and Ontario. Janet would ultimately like to have a retail store in British Columbia.

Janet is also a founding member of several organizations: the Weed Pool Cannabis Co-operative in Saskatchewan (a distribution centre started by the independent cannabis retailers in that province); the Saskatchewan Independent Cannabis Retailers Network (an association that advocates on behalf of independent retailers); and the B.C. Craft Farmers Co-operative (an organization that advocates for retailers, micro cultivators and processors in B.C.). Janet acts as Secretary for the two Saskatchewan organizations and is the Treasurer for the B.C. co-op.

Janet McRoberts headshot