Jaclynn Pehota

Executive Director

With over a decade of operational management experience in the telecom and insurance sectors, Jaclynn Pehota brings a large skillset to the cannabis industry, and has been a passionate advocate for medical cannabis access and cannabis legalization. After seeing how cannabis helped her own father during the palliative stage of his terminal pancreatic cancer, Jaclynn shifted her focus to cannabis advocacy, and has been working in the industry ever since.

Having worked and volunteered extensively in the cannabis industry for the last 6 years, Jaclynn has gained an wide breadth of experience, including working with Sensible BC on their provincial decriminalization petition; co-founding the Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada; serving as a Director of the BC Micro License Association; co-founding Althing Consulting, a cannabis licensing consultancy; and participating in dozens of government stakeholder engagement sessions.

She has assisted dozens of cannabis producers, both small and large, with their licensing, and likewise has helped many cannabis retailers with their zoning and licensing needs. Jaclynn is happy to be able to bring this breadth of experience to her work with ACCRES.

Jaclynn Pehota headshot