Heather Tayler

Legacy Advisor

Heather has worked with ACCRES for the last year and a half, including in the role of Director of Government and Member Relations. In her work with ACCRES, Heather has passionately advocated for cannabis retailers at all levels of government.

Before coming to ACCRES, Heather worked for one year with a licensed Vancouver dispensary. She also brings her experience working as a legal assistant, event coordinator, pension and benefits administrator, real estate and insurance salesperson, and fundraiser, and spent some time working in the BC government cabinet office. Heather also has over 25 years of community volunteer work, including being founding president of the Collingwood Village Housing Co-op, and a Parent Advisory Committee Chair.

Heather is a mother of three boys, and during her leisure time, enjoys hiking, practicing reiki, yoga, sound healing and studying the benefits of plant medicine.

Heather Tayler headshot